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I hope you all enjoy this new page that I've just added. Here, you can post messages using my Tag Board, participate in Online Polls, meet cool new people in the Chat Room, sign the GuestMap, and just pretty much 'interact' with me and other visitors. Enjoy!!


You can now finally chat on my website. Just click on the 'Live Chat' button below. Note that chat will not open if you do not have Java enabled on your browser and may not function if you are behind a firewall.

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Be sure to sign the GuestMap below. You can place a pin on the location of the world map where your city is located. You can also leave a message. It's quite fun! Just click on the button below:

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Be sure to check out Belize City's weather below (thanks to The Weather Channel).


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Tag Board

I personally adore this new addition. All you need to do is write what you wanna say and click on 'tag'. Note that it also has smileys. How cool!


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