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Orange Walk 

Welcome to the page featuring my home district, the 'sweet' Orange Walk District. Where sugarcane plantions abound, and the sweet scent of sugar roams...

The Orange Walk District is home to the nation's second-largest urban center (Orange Walk) and the nation's second-largest village (Trial Farm), but what this district is nationally-known for is its sugar industry.

Sugar is Belize's largest export, and has been so for many years. All of the sugarcane are grown in the Orange Walk and Corozal Districts, but are processed in Tower Hill, OW - which is just minutes away from Orange Walk Town. Because of this, Belizeans refer to Orange Walk as 'Sugar City'.

Orange Walk also produces rice, beans, coffee, livestock, poultry, poultry products, livestock, fruits, corn, citrus, and the tourism industry is beginning to boom.

Belize Tourism Board Poster

Granted, they could have used better-looking people (but who am I to judge), the other pictures give a good description of what may be found in this beautiful district.


More About The Orange Walk District

In the past a refuge for mestizos seeking to escape from Spanish purges in the Yucatan, Orange Walk District is a wild area, dominated by deep forest (much being preserved by Programme for Belize), Mayan ruins, and the largest population of birds in the country.

The district is a mix of Spanish, Maya, East Indians, visiting Mennonites (who originally emigrated from the deep south at the end of the US civil war), and Chinese. Mexican influences remain strong, and you will hear both Spanish, English and creole spoken.

Passing through the district is the New River, once an active Mayan trading waterway, and leading to the stunning Mayan ruins of Lamanai, on the edge of the New River Lagoon. The trip to visit these ruins is a marvelous journey by boat along a river teeming with life, including anhingas, snail-kites, crocodiles and iguanas sunning themselves, cormorants, bats and jacanas, and passes communities of denim-dressed Mennonites.

Set amongst the jungle are several lodges, such as Lamanai Outpost Lodge and Chan Chich Lodge, offering great locations to explore the surrounding areas. The district has become a very popular destination for birding, professional and amateur. Belize is part of one of the richest birding areas of the planet, and Orange Walk with its diverse habitats records the largest bird list in the country. Around 366 bird species have been recorded in the Lamanai area, and still rising.


Mayan ruins of Lamanai, Altun Ha, La Milpa, Cuello, and Nohmul

Boat trip along the New River to see the wildlife and Lamanai ruins


Exploring the vast areas of jungle

Visiting Orange Walk Town

Fishing for tarpon in the New River

Rio Bravo Conservation area, managed by Programme for Belize

Orange Walk District Tidbits





1,829 sq miles (4,737 sq km)


Orange Walk Town


Orange Walk Central
Orange Walk East
Orange Walk North
Orange Walk South

Main Cities & Towns, and Populations:

Orange Walk Town       22,085
Trial Farm                       3,443
Guinea Grass                  2,510
Shipyard                         2,385
San Jose                         2,254
August Pine Ridge           1,608
San Estevan                    1,573
Yo Creek                       1,317
Carmelita                        1,269
Indian Church                  1,157
San Jose Palmar              1,109
San Pablo                        1,100
San Felipe                        1,058
San Lazaro                       1,000

Belize Tourism Board

Orange Walk Town (Sugar City)


With a population of 22,000, this largely Hispanic
settlement is the largest town in northern Belize...

Orange Walk, situated on the New River and Northern Highway, is located 52 miles north of Belize City. The town is a mix of Spanish, Maya, East Indians, visiting Mennonites and Chinese. Mexican influences remain strong. Spanish and creole are the most common languages spoken.

The area economy is involved primarily in the seasonal harvesting and processing of sugar cane.

Orange Walk has the basics: lodging, restaurants, grocery, clothing and gas. Orange Walk Town is not generally considered a tourist destination, more a stop-over to boat up the New River to Lamanai, travel the Blue Creek Road to the Rio Bravo Conservation Area, or trek to Shipstern Nature Reserve. But it is worth the visit.


Getting Here...


The Northern Highway is paved and in good condition. Good gas availability. Drive time is about 60 minutes.


Northern Transport Company buses on the half hour from Belize City. Other Bus Companies serving Sugar City include: Tillett's, T-Line, Venus, Sarteneja's, and Perez Line.

Official Northern Belize Tourism Site

Map of Orange Walk DIstrict

The Orange Walk District is the second-largest district in Belize, and its captal od the same name, is the second-largest urban area in the country.

Map of Downtown Orange Walk

At the time this map was made, it may have included all of Orange Walk, but now it serves only what is considered the Downtown Area (Orange Walk Central Constituency)